Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dan is always on the move - whether it's attending sporting events or going training overseas! This week, Dan tells his readers about his favorite things to pack in his suitcase when he's on the go.

1. iPad: There are a lot of times when I'm waiting around in airports, or facing a long train or bus journey. So having my iPad with me is really useful, because I can watch videos, go online, listen to music or just read to pass the time.

2. Playstation: Kicking back with my Playstation is sometimes all I need after a long hard day of training. Taking it with me overseas makes it easy for me to just plug and play when I want to!

3. My kit bag: My kit bag contains all my hand guards, strapping, chalk etc., and is an absolute must-have. I wouldn't be able to train without it!

4. Maximuscle Nutrition: This helps me to train longer and harder. It's also responsible for helping me to maintain my competitive edge throughout the competition.

5. Travel Adapters: I need at least 5 of these with me any time I travel! Because I have so many gadgets, chargers and the like, I don't know what I'll be able to do without them.

Hope you found this interesting!

Cheers, Dan

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