Friday, 15 June 2012

Dan's Top 5: Staying motivated

We're kicking off a new series of posts here on Daniel's blog called 'Dan's Top 5', in which you get to know a little bit more about Dan and get a glimpse into his world.

This week, Dan shares his Top 5 tips with Opus Energy and his readers, on how to stay motivated!

1. Set goals and targets: You need to do this if you want to stay motivated. And make sure that they are ones that you can achieve easily, because you want to remain realistic!

2. Set new targets only after you have achieved the first set: If you set too many targets at once, it's unlikely that you will hit all of them and will only end up being demoralised. So take it slow and steady.

3. Make sure you are enjoying what you do: Doing what you want, and not what someone else wants is incredibly important. Because you need to be able to push yourself, and that can only happen if you're passionate about it.  

4. Give yourself a treat if you achieve your goals and targets: When you have worked hard and your success has paid off, reward yourself. It will motivate you to do even better, and you have certainly earned it!

5. Know and believe in your own ability: You have to believe that you are capable of being the best. Self-confidence is incredibly important, no matter what you are doing, so give it all you've got knowing that you can!

Hope this helps you!

Cheers, Dan

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