Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dan launches Opus Energy's new wellbeing campaign, Opus Energise!

Opus Energy kicked off its new workplace wellbeing campaign 'Opus Energise', and Dan was in the thick of the action during the launch! He gave an inspiring and motivational talk to staff, and answered some of their questions about living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. This helped in setting the tone for the rest of the campaign, and gave the staff an opportunity to meet one of their favourite local gymnasts at the same time!

Alexandra Dann, Marketing Executive at Opus Energy, tells us about finally meeting Dan after only ever interacting with him over the phone: “I catch up with Daniel every couple of weeks when he writes the Opus Energy Challenge blog, so it was great to finally meet him! I was really surprised to find out about the food he eats. I expected him to eat lots of pasta, but he said that he tends to eat chicken because he doesn’t want to take on too many carbs. He also has 6 meals a day which I was quite jealous about!”

Louise Altman, Marketing Assistant at Opus Energy, speaks about her experience at the launch: "It was great to meet Dan after reading so much about him on our blog! It was really nice to hear him speak about how much Opus Energy has helped him over the last couple of years and how without the company’s support he’d be unable to commit so much time to his training.”

L-R: Louise, Dan and Alexandra

Opus Energy secured a ‘First class’ rating in the Best Companies accreditation scheme, and valuable staff feedback from the survey has helped to shape and drive the Opus Energise campaign.

Dan lauded Opus Energise, and said at the launch: "It’s great to work with a company that realises the value of getting its staff involved in sports and thinking about being healthy. I know it’s not an easy thing to do, particularly when you work all day, so I hope that my talk inspired Opus Energy’s employees to stay fit and healthy and get the most out of the new Opus Energise scheme.”


  1. It meant a lot to our employees that Dan could be with us on the day to launch our new wellbeing initiative in the office. I hope that everyone who attended his talk on getting fit and staying motivated found it useful – we certainly had some great results from the subsequent pedometer challenge. Well done to everyone at Opus Energy who took part.

    Best wishes,

    Charlie Crossley Cooke
    Opus Energy

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