Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dan's Top 5: holiday destinations

As Dan gets back to work after the holidays, he shares the top 5 places he's visited and wants to visit.

Places I've visited:

  • Sydney and Melbourne, just for the weather and culture
  • Tokyo and New York, because they are so lively and exciting 
  • Beijing, because I really enjoyed my stay during the Olympics in 2008 and the people are fantastic and interesting

Places I want to visit:

  • Australia, as I have been several times and love the culture and weather
  • Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Argentina, as South America is a continent I haven't really visited yet
  • Las Vegas, as that's my ultimate dream holiday/travel experience and I guess because it's all about fun!




  1. What place you most enjoy in Tokyo is worth for vacation?

    best holiday destinations

    1. Hi Marion,

      Dan's asked us to reply back to you. He says:

      "Tokyo is a really lively city with so much to see and do but unfortunately I have only ever visited Tokyo during competition when we have very little free time. What free time we did have we spent shopping and there is no where better than Harajuku with its lively teenage scene and Cosplay fanatics - its well worth a visit, but being a gaming freak myself I also really enjoyed the many many arcades and Tokyo is a gamers heaven......"

      Best wishes,

      Opus Energy, on behalf of Dan

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