Friday, 24 August 2012

Dan's Top 5: Olympic Edition

Dan's Top 5 is back, and this time it's two entries in one! Still caught up in the afterglow of the Olymics, Dan shares his Top 5 moments of the London 2012 Olympics and the Top 5 Olympics sports that he would like to try.

My Top 5 moments from the London 2012 Olympics:

1. GB Men's Gymnastics historic team Bronze
2. Beth Tweddle's Olympic Bronze on the Asymmetric Bars
3. Mo Farah's Gold in the 10000 meters
4. Mo Farah's Gold in the 5000 meters
5. Usain Bolts 200 meter Gold

My top 5 athletes that I watched and why:

1. Kristian Thomas - Gymnastics – purely because he was in the form of his life and I personally know just how hard and for how long he has trained to have a competition like he had.
2. Beth Tweddle – Gymnastics – Beth has won medals at every major event but an Olympic medal was one that always eluded her and I know just how much it means to her. 
3. Mo Farah – 10000 & 5000 metres – simply because Mo dominated two track events that have historically been owned by the African nations.
4. Usain Bolt – 100 & 200 metres – simply because Usain loves to talk the talk but he certainly knows how to walk the walk and boy did he silence his critics!!
Sir Chris Hoy – Kierin – if you ever needed to know how much a Gold medal means to an athlete then you only have to watch Chris Hoy winning his sixth Gold!

Until next time!

Cheers, Dan

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